Hi there! My name is Alejandra Gomez and I’m the founder and Head Elf here at North Pole Postal. 

North Pole Postal really began with our annual Christmas Toy Drive at our Church in Houston, Texas. As that Sunday in December got closer, it sparked a difficult question for me. “ What do underprivileged children feel when they don’t have a present to open on Christmas morning?” This question broke my heart that day and so this was my solution. 

I started NPP in 2018 with one simple mission: to get Christmas presents to as many children as possible. With this as my North Star, I came up with the idea to create truly memorable personalized Santa letters and donate a percentage of the sales so no child would ever feel forgotten by Santa.

But what makes a memory really stay with us forever? A special scent and a magical experience! This is how NPP came to be as magical as it is today. I wanted to create a moment in children’s lives that they would look back on with a heart full of love and Christmas magic. 

This is why our letters are so special. Every element in each letter is meant to spark joy in a young child’s heart so they know how loved they are. From the silly elves and their snow to the sweet scent of Mama Claus’ cookies, North Pole Postal creates magical memories that will last a lifetime.

My biggest hope is that you’ll feel how much love goes into every single letter season after season. So, from my family, the Elves, Santa and myself, we wish you a very Merry Christmas. 

- Alejandra G.